Tiger Mat



Size: 3ft x 3ft
Weight: 18 lbs
Thickness: 3/8”
Color: Black
Materials: Reclaimed rubber



Made from recycled rubber, these interlocking mats offer sturdy drainage that is an anti-fatigue, anti-slip surface designed for large commercial kitchens. At 3/8” thick and measuring 3 feet by 3 feet, these floor mats are heavy duty and sized for many applications. Each interlocking mat comes with circular holes that drain liquids and other excess debris, providing you with the highest quality anti-slip floor safety because it will keep the mat’s surface drier. Sold in pallets of 50.


  • Eco-friendly rubber mat made of reclaimed rubber
  • Lightweight and easy to transport anti-fatigue mats
  • Easy to clean with water hose and household cleaning agents
  • Heavy-duty flooring mats can endure heavy weights
  • For use in commercial areas such as kitchens, bars, locker rooms, poolside areas, flower shops, spas, restrooms, and more


Ideal in kitchens, bars, restrooms, locker rooms, and any other area that sees a lot of stray spills.

Simply lay them down one at a time and interlock the next one with the ease of a jigsaw puzzle. Edges snap together for a seamless fit.