Specification Grade Silicone Rubber 3/32″ 24″ x 24″

Thickness: 3/32″
Width X Length:
24″ x 24″ (each)

Durometer: 60
Tensile: 700 psi
Elongation: 200%
Temperature: -80° to +450°F
Color: Red




    Spec Grade Silicone Sheet Rubber is a very versatile material because it can withstand a temperature range more extreme than other synthetic rubbers. DiscountRubberDirect.com’s Spec Grade Silicone is inert, very flexible and can be used in medical and FDA environments. In addition to temperature, silicone rubber has advanced resistance to water and makes an exceptional electrical insulator. Also, Spec Grade Silicone offers a suitable balance of oil resistance, stability, strength, and great flame resistance. Spec Grade Silicone is best used in applications where oil is present, garages, fender wells, floors with gas dropping place, tanks, vessels, fueling stations, truck bed, under tanks, for transport and shock absorption between petroleum carrying units as a buffer, helicopter maintenance, engine cowls, machine shops, weapons repair table and workstations.

    DiscountRubberDirect.com offers several different types of Silicone direct from the manufacturer. Reach out to DiscountRubberDirect.com and learn more about silicone products available from DiscountRubberDirect.com.

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