Nitrile Rubber 1/4″ 36″ x 36″


Thickness: 1/4″
Width X Length:
36″ x 36″ (each)

Durometer: 60
Tensile: 750 psi
Elongation: 350%
Temperature: – 20°F to + 170°F
Color: Black




    Nitrile Rubber is a copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile that possesses unique physical and chemical properties that make it one of the most widely used synthetic elastomers in the world. Nitrile Rubber is resistant to oil, caustics, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and hydraulic fluids and chemicals. highly recommends using Nitirile Rubber in areas where oil/petroleum products are present. Nitrile Rubber is not the hardest rubber around, but it does have decent resistance to abrasions. Its flexibility allows it to be better used as seals, gaskets, and bumpers for a large number of different commercial and industrial applications. It is often used in automotive applications such as garage workshops. An object made of this elastomer tends to last much longer than its natural rubber counterpart. offers you the best quality Nitrile Rubber at the best price!

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