Neoprene White Food Grade 1/16″ 36″ x 36″


Thickness: 1/16″
Width X Length:
36″ x 36″ (each)

Durometer: 60
Tensile: 820 psi
Elongation: 300%
Temperature: – 20°F to + 170°F
Color: White



    Neoprene Food-Grade sheet is made from FDA-compliant an ingredient that provides a smooth finish with good resiliency to abrasion and repels oily and greasy food products.  Neoprene Food-Grade sheets are used for general gaskets, countertops and skirting in all areas of food processing.’s Neoprene Food-Grade sheet is a non-toxic and non-marking rubber that is approved for food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing. White Food Grade Neoprene is FDA Compliant to standards by USDA for meat and poultry processing. It is often used for shaker screens, butcher shops, biotechnology, pharmaceutical processing, commercial kitchens, hospitals, food processing plants, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, industrial plants, and grocery stores. provides you exceptional prices on White Food Grade Neoprene Sheets cut straight from the manufacturer! Contact us today!

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