Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) 1/8″ 48″x10′


VN-100 Typical Properties per ASTM E-90-97 E413-87

Weight: 1 lb./sq. ft.
Tensile Strength: 2,750 KPa (300 psi)
Tear Strength: 75 psi
Ultimate Elongation: 1.1
Flammability: Self extinguishing
Service Temperature Range: 0ºF to 200ºF


Vinaflex™ (VN) Noise Barrier is a flexible, non-reinforced Mass Loaded Vinyl that resists the passage of sound waves and reduces the transmission of airborne noise. Vinaflex™ (VN) is ideal for direct application to the noise source and to the housing covering the noise source.

Vinaflex™ (VN) Noise Barrier won’t shrink, rot, or cause metal corrosion and also features a strong resistance to adverse environmental conditions, oils, weak acids, and alkalis. It can be combined with acoustical foams, mineral fiber, glass fiber, and ceramic fiber insulation to provide lightweight, efficient composites with high transmission losses over a broad frequency range.

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